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Make: Toyota
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Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck with a powerful engine available in 2 or 4-door body styles. Boasting above class safety features the Tundra is comfortable, safe, and highly capable off-road.

Toyota Tundra Consumer Reviews

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Reliable, trusty vehicle

Jim Gendron, 05/19/2021


Had mileage of 67,544 on it when I bought it and is still going strong

Just a beauty on the road

Jay Lemieux, 05/18/2021


I have the matte black 2021 Toyota GR Supra and holy smokes this is one absolutely stunning car. It has leather seats. The dashboard is so sleek and well thoughout with a chic touch screen. It has decent horsepower and you don't even feel the speed. Of coruse it is not ideal for grocery shopping of kids in car seats. Truly love everything about the car.

Fun to drive

Hank Douglas, 05/03/2021


Super reliable little car. I drive mine everywhere and spend about 3 hours in the car every day. This car makes it fun

Subtle meets sporty

Graham Marchand, 04/18/2021


As far as sports cars go, a real gem. Love how subtle the design is while still delivering a sleek, sporty package.

Great family car

Tiffany Lu, 04/17/2021


Love my three row Highlander. As a mom of 3 kids, the room is crucial for our family. Also comes with a feature for every one of us.

Roomy and fancy.

Tina McCallum, 03/31/2021


Fits 5 comfortably and has a high quality interior. My kind of SUV

solid car!

Mitchell Lukin, 03/31/2021


Great handling, fast

Off-road king

David Mulby, 03/31/2021


This is the best offroad vehicle! I have done alot of after market upgrades to mine such as a snorkel kit, changed all the lights and added a bed into the back. It has handled every back road, trail and mountain we have explored and has gotten out of every situation of being snowed in to flooded roads. It is a fun vehicle to drive and I would highly recommend for avid travelers!!

Get you a truck that does both.

Jed Filly, 03/31/2021

2019 Toyota Tundra

I take mine to the trails almost every weekend and have used all the safety features, which really come in handy. A great truck for anyone looking for one that both off-roads and commutes.

Miss mine

Liam Rochon, 03/31/2021


Used to own one of these and I was always jetting around in it. Comfortable, plush interior and great on gas

Off-road prowess

Danny Domejoc, 03/31/2021


Impressive off-road capabilities. My tacoma has tackled some of the steepest trails across southern Alberta and I'm ready to explore more of Canada in it.

Do it!!!

Jed Runby, 03/31/2021


One of the best vehicles I've ever owned. Perfect size for the family, fairly priced and tons of value for what you pay for.

Great SUV

Cheryl Leene, 03/31/2021


A great little SUV. Has impressive fuel economy and gets me up the winding, steep hill to my property in the winter in one piece.

Great visibility!

Lemy Dutche, 03/31/2021


As far as minivans go, pretty sleek and great visibility


Mike Harding, 03/31/2021


Most reliable truck on the market. Mine is still driving and I got her in the early 2000s--limited maintenance needed

First car

Ben McGregor, 03/31/2021


A super reliable, low maintenance car. Good for anyone just starting out on the roads.

Zippy, classy

Teddy Roland, 03/31/2021


super sleek little 2-seater. Sure ups the game on date nights. Gets a lot of zip

a cool station wagon

tj Baird, 03/31/2021


Finally, a station wagon with style. Super cool and comfortable to bat

Sleek but also practical

Janey Foley, 03/31/2021


Excellent style, well built. A great little city car.

Yes to the Yaris!

Kelly Mertyr, 03/31/2021


It's popular for a reason. I love the tech features in my Yaris. The whole interior is super spacious and comfortable. It also drives super smoothly and is able to park in pretty much any spot.

A car that can never disappoint

Correia Dias, 03/28/2021


In general Toyota never disappoints, so when I bought my 2018 Toyota Prius let's say I was floored. I bought mine second hand for $23,778 and it was worth the money. The price was pretty cheap given how impressive it is. For starters it is good on gas. Secondly the safety features are great - like it alerts you if you get too close to vehicles (good for me). It has good tech features too like bluetooth and rear facing camera. Can't speak enough good things about this vehicle.

Superior car that won't give you troubles

Esther Holm, 03/22/2021


I have been driving since 1985 and have driven many cars in my lifetime. But let me tell you, Toyota has been a far superior brand than many, many, many brands out there. Very little maintenance required on my big ol’ 4Runner and I have had it for over a decade.

Best car for function and reliability

Rachel Delgado, 03/16/2021


Hands down the best car brand out there. My first car was a Toyota Camry and since then I’ve only stuck with their models. They’re great on fuel, extremely reliable, and very functional. Plus they are easy to maintain and replacement parts are easy to find. Not to forget, very fuel-efficient.

Simply the best model

Lisa Scott, 02/27/2021


Simply the best car ever. I have always been a Toyota loyal customer, but the camry has been my favourite. I have owned one since 1995 and only upgrade on this model. Can’t recommend this one enough.

Great off-road vehicle

Olvera Manzanares, 02/21/2021


I wanted something for off-roading with my buds. It certainly does the job. Very sturdy off-road and strong powerterrain capabilities. However, the small windoes make it hard for city drives because it reduces visibility. I use it for out of city limits, but those who use it for city driving be awars of this issue.

Can't go wrong with Toyota Mirai

Haddad Khoury, 02/21/2021


Don't miss an oppotunity to get this. Unique exterior which I guess showcases that it is the car of the future. It has everything I wanted in a car, can't go wrong with upgraded LED headlights, climate control, comfortable seats, heated steering. Certainly superior feel with the fuel-cell vehicle.

Super tight handling

Jane Fox, 02/18/2021


Really impressed with the steering

Car for long haul

Joe Rainer, 02/15/2021


Had my 2006 Corolla LE for 16 years no issues. You just can’t beat that. Very comfortable, sporty exterior and gets great gas mileage

Reliable and long term car

Kevin Boulanger, 02/14/2021


Extremely happy with my Toyota. Reliable, convenient, fuel-efficient, easy to handle. Anyone looking for a long-term vehicle need to first look at Toyota because any and all of their makes will stick around with you forever. I can’t imagine anyone having major issues with Toyota.


Larissa Malinchuk, 02/07/2021


I just bought a 2013 matrix and am super impressed with how sleek it is. Constantly get compliments. As a mom of two older teen girls, this was the perfect pick for me to pick them up and drive them around in style.

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